My Boss Told Me I Should Go – oh joy!

Before opening a seminar, I’ll hang around the registration desk to meet the audience and ask “how did you hear about the event and what made you decide to attend today?”  Two important questions will help me discover a successful source of marketing and uncover the motivation of the attendee.

Sometimes my audience attendees will say, “My boss told me I should go to this.”  At that moment, they have met their boss’ goal, but chances are that anything in their life will change is low.

Our boss may be in charge of how we spend our time at work, but we are in charge of our commitment no matter where we are, as we are the only ones that can control our commitment.  Our boss cannot control our commitment.

Our time at work is still part of our life.  And when we make a commitment to be the best and do the best, no matter whose time it is, we exercise a high degree of personal integrity that is transferable in every role we will ever play in life.

Can I guess what kind of motivation a person has with no goal or commitment?  None.  There are two types of “sendees” as attendees.  One shows up and enjoys the breakfast and does not say a thing.

The other believes there are no other ways of doing something and the undesirable results they are getting are “just the way it is.”  This close minded attitude guarantees’ they are always right and protects them from having to try something new, which they are not proficient at, which is the complete opposite of the complaining they have done for years.

If we believe nothing can or will ever change, we will be part of change and that change will be someone else’s choice.

I have been alive 17,105 days as I write this today, and every day is special, unique and will never be repeated.  The only way I can guarantee that is if I commit to change and growth – every day.  My life – at this point – is my choice.  Your life is your choice.

Every experience is a chance to confirm and remind yourself of what you already know, give you a different perspective, introduce something new, or test you on your convictions.

Be open to new experiences that do not compromise your values.  Be vulnerable to learning.  This adaptive approach in life will give you a versatile skill set to influence a favorable outcome.

Live a life of learning.


  1. What a great way to start the day. Commitment is key and our then attitude will direct how we begin each day of our work. There are times we feel we are doing all the “right” activities to get the results we desire. Our goals are written and the days are structured doing what we are taught will get the results. We have the choice to stay true to the course, but make the changes we need to get out of the rut. There is always a new and different path that doesn’t change the goal… but creates the best results in the highest interest for all. Be the change in your own life personally, watch your attitude lighten and brighten, and manifest the results you desire.


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