Believing Can Come True if You are Involved in the Believing

“Believing can come true if you are involved in the believing.”

I cannot remember where I heard this quote, but it stuck with me because it reinforces the axiom that your beliefs determine your behavior and your behavior (daily habits) determines the results you receive.  If you are not receiving the desired results in life, no matter the role you are playing, change begins with determining what you are doing and not doing (behavior) and then asking yourself why.  “Why am I doing this”? or “Why am I not doing that?”

Are your beliefs a choice?  Good question.  I guess now that I’m thinking about it, I would have to say YES.  We consciously decide what is true and what we want to believe as fact.  True would mean the means (behavior) justify the desired ends (results).

What affects your beliefs?   Geez.  Another good question.  Past experiences would be the first thing that comes to mind and how you summarize them with memories.  Often this is determined by your parents during early years of scripting as an infant and later as a child, once consciousness is developed.  However, reality changes over time and what was real for you may no longer be true.  For instance, my parents taught me it is not polite to talk about money with others.  Maintaining this belief as a salesperson causes great problems in fighting prospects on price after a proposal is submitted in the absence of discussing money and budget.  Hence, money needs to be discussed early in the process and before a proposal is submitted.  When I was a child, I thought as a child. Now that I’m a salesperson, I need to think as a salesperson.

How is confidence different from belief?  My you are a thinker today!  I’m not sure there is much of a difference.  Confidence is maintaining a belief that what you offer (solution) will help another avoid a current problem, fulfill a current desire or avoid a future consequence, which will in essence create value when applied.  Every sales begins with the salesperson believing in the solution and “buying it” conceptually before actively persuading another to do the same.  Often that belief provides and reinforces confidence in a salesperson.

As you are thinking about your beliefs, make a choice, today, to believe in yourself, believe in your product, company, the market, and others.  This will reinforce your daily behavior and deliver the results you want.  And when you have to decide in a split second what you believe, the answer will support your desired goal.

For example, yesterday, I was texting on my phone and lost my grip on it in the elevator.  I fumbled and juggled with it for what seemed like 5 seconds; reaching and grasping, changing my stance to maintain my balance, before securing it from hitting the floor.  That was a reaction.  A reaction that said – I believe!  “I believe I can catch this phone before it crashes” and I didn’t give up on that belief.  That was a subconscious choice I made before the incident and I applied it in my re-action.

Becoming conscience of your beliefs will help to support what you want in life.


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