Be Hamlet

Every year the students in the drama class at Lincoln High School perform a one-act play for the student body. Students have their choice on what play and scene they want to act in. Johnny, a senior this year, wanted to do a scene from Hamlet. He was shy by nature, but one of the better actors in class, with aspirations for the theater after graduation. Johnny studied his part and knew his lines. After weeks of preparation, it was time for the practice run in front of the drama class before performing in front of friends, family and the entire student body.

As Johnny began his scene, Ms. Wilson, the drama teacher could sense an uncertainty in his voice with physical hesitates in his actions. Johnny stuttered through some of his lines, while others he forgot. It wasn’t long before Ms. Wilson stopped him and asked, “Johnny, what’s the matter?

You know this part inside and out.” He replied, “I’m nervous about performing in front of my classmates. I’m afraid of messing up. Everyone is staring at me and I want to do a good job.” Ms. Wilson’s response was simple and clear, “Johnny, they are not here to see you. They came here to see Hamlet. So, be Hamlet. Be Hamlet.”

The next night, in front of the entire school, with classmates, friends and families watching the young actor played his scene out flawlessly. When he was finished, he received a standing ovation.

LESSON: As a salesperson you play a role. Even when you lack confidence in yourself, you can overcome your fear by focusing on playing the part of a confident provider of solutions. Imagine yourself in a different, more successful role as a salesperson. It will increase your chances of receiving a standing ovation in front of new prospects and/or your customers. Start today! The next prospect you find yourself in front of, be Hamlet.




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