Professional Development Assessments

What do you want to be known for?

As Charlie “Tremendous” Jones said, “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.”  Personal and Professional development often comes in the form of books, classes, podcasts, webinars, etc.

The question to ask ourselves is, “When we are ready to commit to better results and more meaningful & prosperous outcomes to our actions, where should we concentrate?”  The answer is in a personal inventory through a scientifically proven and well-seasoned assessment.

We often three types of Assessments to determine your Personal and Professional Development Plan (PPDP). There is no charge to take the assessments.  Let’s talk afterwards, if you are interested in seeing the results.

Proception2 – Individual’s behavioral style report

PROCEPTION2 is an online DISC based profiling system
designed to provide insight into an individual’s behavioral style in a
work environment. This system will help management better understand
potential candidates, members of their work team, and assist work
team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in
need of improvement. The PROCEPTION2 questionnaire takes
approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and generates a 12-18
page report. Click here to learn more.

SalesMax is for Hiring and Developing Salespeople.

SalesMax was developed using criteria critical to sales success. As a Selection Report, it
measures how a candidate will do the job, why they will want to do the job and
what they know about consultative sales process at the present time. This pre-employment assessment for sales professionals allows you to evaluate a candidate’s fit within a consultative/relationship sales role. SalesMax provides a “quick look” graph, a candidate’s overall predictive score and their strengths and weakness. It indicates the candidates probability of producing in the top 50% of the sales team. Additionally, it will provide interview / reference questions, and management suggestions. In addition to the Selection Report, SalesMax can also produce a Development Report. The Development
Report is designed to help current employees capitalize on strengths and improve weaknesses, through the Developmental Action Plan.  Click here to learn more.

Assess is for Hiring and Developing (Sales Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents and other Leadership roles).

Assess is a web-based talent assessment platform that provides in-depth assessment for selection and development of managers, leaders and professionals.  Developed by organizational psychologists and written in business language, Assess incorporates personality and intellectual ability assessments, and behavioral feedback to evaluate people against a model of success.  By using the competency-linked components of our Assess System, organizations can target selection efforts, guide development for the highest gain, and hold employees accountable for their improved performance. Click here to learn more.

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