Whom Do You Admire?

I remember growing up and wanting to be a doctor. My grandfather was a doctor and was allowed to smoke Dutch Masters President cigar’s in the house after dinner. I thought that was pretty cool. I’m sure there were other reasons I aspired to be like him, but cannot recall them today.

Recently I asked a new client who they admire and they were caught off guard. They replied with, “Well, I guess my father.” I asked, “How often do you see your father?” “About two to three times a year, I guess.” they answered. “What do you admire about your father?” I asked. Silence. He couldn’t think of anything.

Mentoring concept in tag cloudWhy is it so important to have mentor and role model? Because it gives us a direction to go and grow. If we are not stepping outside our comfort zone, every day, tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. When we do try something new and are introduced to new options, who do we think of and wonder what they would do in this new circumstance?

This step is so important because when we apply the same behavior of someone we admire, we have a greater likelihood of the same results they would receive.

Picking a mentor also says I’m not staying just where I am today and I have a destination in mind. Our goal then becomes to fill the gap and apply the beliefs, attitudes and habits with those of someone we admire. When we make this commitment we take on the role of another in different situations.

We can have more than one role model. You may consider one when you play the role of a parent, another as a spouse, another as an uncle, aunt, son, daughter, brother or sister.

I have many role models for different areas of life depending on my role. As I step into another role, I place my role model in the forefront of my mind and apply what they would do in that situation.role model in letterpress typeConsider sharing your role models with people close to you. This gives them the direction you want to go and grow.

Last summer, my closest friend and role model crashed in an airplane he was piloting. The gifts he has given me are alive in my actions and his influence has made a limitless impact in my life. I feel alone without him, but know he would not want me to stay seated and mourn his death, rather stand up and live life to the fullest as he did.

I cannot imagine what life would be like without having someone to admire, follow and BE like! Adopt a role model today.



  1. One of the greatest role models, for Christians or others, is Jesus Christ. He has the ultimate solution in both spiritual and secular areas, and it can not be outdone. Yes. human role models are important since they seem more tangible, but are greatly flawed. What a world it would be to attempt to shadow Jesus. It may not be always popular, but is the ultimate ideal!