7 Tips to Goal Setting in Real Life

  1. Do the means justify the ends?  Too often we focus on the outcome and lose track of the process.  Remember your math teacher from 4th grade that always wanted you to show your work?  You found the answer, but what they really wanted was to make sure you understood the process.  When you focus on the process, the outcome is predictable.  Over time you improve the process and the outcome improves.
  2. What are you known for? This is your brand, your reputation.  It is also the topic-zone you work in.  Think of 5 buzzwords that describe your business.  I use sales training; sales seminars; sales workshops; sales coaching; and sales development.  All related to sales.  Sometimes I’m invited, and tempted, to present on other topics.  I need to pause and focus on what I’m known for.  If I stray and attempt to deliver something else, that I’m not as strong in, my reputation will take a hit and I will feel like I didn’t deliver the results I intended.
  3. If you didn’t bring it with you, you are not going to find it here.  Remember the Super Bowl halftime show?  While during the show, inside the locker rooms, each coach is motivating their team to make changes in their behavior.  Getting the player’s head in order and in the game.  This renewed focus does not include any new techniques.  Nothing new is presented.  The coach delivers an assessment of behavior from the first half and necessary corrective action to apply in the second half in order to win the game.  The player has to already have the skill, but needs to believe and commit to applying it in the game.
  4. What get measured, gets managed.  Some years back I was struggling with some life issues and started drinking more than I was proud of.  I saw a therapist and admitted to this behavior.  He wanted me to keep a drinking journal.  Great!, I love drinking games, was my response.  He helped me focus my reaction and instructed me to keep track of 4 items over the next month; the date, how much I consumed, where I was and who I was with.  You can see where he was going.  No more drinking at home, alone, for me and I went to the corner bar every other day versus every day and drank 2 tall beers instead of the normal 4.  Because I kept track of my behavior, I was able to cut my drinking down by 75% and still have fun with my friends at the bar.
  5. Being present is a gift.  We all play different roles with specific obligations and expectations.  When we focus on playing that role, we will never be embarrassed.  Being embarrassed means you were caught out of role.  When you are present, in the role you play at the time, you will have the greatest level of success, thus building what you are known for.
  6. Persuasive versus Knowledgeable.  How are you using the information you know?  When a prospect asks a question, are you eager to tell them how much you know, or do you pause and ask yourself, why are they asking that question at this time?  It is a common belief that salespeople have to know everything before they can strike out on prospecting calls.  True, product knowledge is important and it does add a sense of confidence.  But be conscious on how you use it.  Helping someone make a change from what they are currently doing, to something better for them, is being persuasive (having no benefit to them and only to you is being manipulative).  Showing them how much you know is being knowledgeable.  If your knowledge will not make their life better, it has no value and they will not change.  No value = no change.
  7. You’ve got potential. This could be an insult versus a compliment. When someone tells you that you have potential, they are seeing a talent you have, but your lack of confidence is holding you back from using your talent. The spotlight is then put on your self-limiting beliefs – something only you can change – rather than on your talents. Start to believe in yourself and your talents and apply them – every day.



  1. Kelly Schaefbauer says

    Once again, great post.

  2. Always appreciate your insight.

  3. This is a lot of inspiring info—one tip per day for a week of powerful motivation. Thanks, Scott.

  4. Well said Scott! I love this article…you are right on!!!

  5. #6 stuck home with me. I always catch myself answering the question right away before fully understanding why they are asking. Thanks for the reminder!